Welcome! Nurture and Nature was started by the owner Denise. She is a practitioner for The Fascianation Method of self-myofascial release and a Health Consultant certified as an instructor in Infant Massage. Her education is ongoing, and is pursuing certifications in nutrition to further assist others in their quest for better health.

We are committed to providing education to those who desire a natural and nutritional approach to building their health, staying fit, and preventing disease. Our passion is providing individuals with tools to be proactive and to take their health into their own hands.

As Practitioners of myofascial rolling, We teach the Fascianation Method. Myofascial care is the missing link in human movement science.

We roll 52 specific and targeted body parts starting at the feet and ending with the shoulders and neck. This exercise is a cutting-edge technique, the Fascianation Method. Fascia rolling is used as a restorative, preventative, and maintenance practice to release tension and pain from within your body. This can be performed by a wide range of ages and fitness abilities.

Infant massage is an ancient practice that exists in many cultures around the world. Mothers have been massaging their babies for centuries, passing their tradition down from generation to generation.

As Infant Massage Instructor, We teach parents, easy step-by-step massage instructions, relaxation techniques for baby and parents, reading your infant’s cues and more.

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