Fascianation Method of Self-Myofascial Release

Are you suffering with pain in your feet, from your IT bands, in your hips, or lower back? Is whiplash causing your shoulders and neck immobility and the tingling in your arms is keeping you awake at night? Do you have chronic pain from carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis, golfer’s elbow, or headaches? 

Me too! …Or at least… I used to. That is until I discovered Fascianation Method of Self-Myofascial Release. I found this solution because I like so many of us suffered from pain. In my case I’d been through a heinous car accident that left me in crippling pain and considering a life of pain medication or worse addiction to pain medication. I feared I would never get to do the things I loved like hiking and hanging with my kids. 

Fascination Method taught me about the largest and most ignored organ of our body- the fascia! It taught me how to stretch and release the pain that years of life and accidents have caused. 

I have used this method for one year and still lift weights, hike, play with my kids and I live a life free from pain, drugs, addiction and depression.

Experiencing the results of Self-Myofascial Release made me realize I needed to show others how to help themselves. 

As a certified Fascianation expert, I will show you methods to help you release yourself from the pain and anxiety that comes with thinking that life is going to be weekly doctor visits coupled with pain meds and physical therapy until the insurance runs out. 

I will teach you how to expand and express your body while removing the pain that has cost you nights of sleep and days doing what you love. 

Are you ready to get your life back?! Experience a world without pain and suffering? Do you want to get back to being the life of the party or swing a golf club or just go for a walk with your spouse?

Join me by scheduling yourself and your body a class today!


Infant Massage

Parenting is the most rewarding, challenging, and scary job there is. It doesn’t matter where you come from – two parents in a home, you are a single parent or have a blended family. 

I teach infant massage so you can embrace the best of times with your little one, and to be ready for some of the tough times that may come your way. The massage, bonding, and communication doesn’t stop at infancy… It is only the beginning.

What People Have to Say

Christina W

“I am so grateful for Denise’s instruction in infant massage. She was extremely patient, thoughtful, and flexible with me and my baby (who had a mind of her own) during the session. The massage techniques are a sweet, simple way for me to assure, calm, and bond with my little one. Having an additional resource in my tool belt that enhances that bonding is great — especially to nurture my emotional connection with her in the early months that include A LOT of crying. I’d recommend Nurture & Nature to any momma who’s looking for a special way to soothe her little one and relieve stress on both she and baby!”

Tom M.

Denise is an excellent practitioner in the Fascianation Method of self-myofascial release. I have attended several sessions and the results have always been positive. She will not push you you beyond a comfortable pain threshold, while at the same time, helping you achieve the desired results. Try it, you’ll like it …

Loren C.

Greetings, I had the privilege, as a student, to participating in several sessions of self-myofascial release taught by the owner, Denise. I’m active in many ways….resistance training, running, hiking, etc. and flexibility is vital. Furthermore, I find that the older I get, the less flexible I am now. In her class, Denise taught about the myofascial tissue network. And as I discovered this network, while applying the techniques she demonstrated, I found areas that needed specific attention. After having several sessions with Denise, with her dynamic knowledge of the fascial tissue system, and [patiently] teaching me to roll out areas that target my specific needs, I have regained flexibility and range of motion that I haven’t had for years. It was also nice to roll out other areas for overall physical maintenance and wellness. In closing, the great thing about self discovery and self treatment is that you’re intimately engaged in your personal physical healing immediately. I like also that I can perform these techniques anytime I need to……in the comfort of my own home. Enjoy!!

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